Why should I honor a loved one with an Afterlife Adventure Memorial?

Afterlife Adventures was established because we wanted to offer people a variety of memorials that celebrate the lives of loved ones in ways that contribute to the betterment of our world and are alternatives to traditional burials.  All of our memorials are symbolic of life from death, expressions of the personal interests and a tribute to lives well lived.

Whether you decide to honor someone with one of our tree memorials, a reef memorial, or contribute to research or the clean-up of our planet, you are supporting new life and improving the world for generations to come.

Each memorial we offer includes your choice of a beautiful water color print and message in a framed card and a separate, personalized note for you to express your own thoughts.   Included also is our online memorial for you and others to express heartfelt feelings and share memories so all can celebrate the life of your loved one.

We understand and respect the importance of the services we offer and the trust you place in us.  Our goal is to deliver services you are proud of, help you heal, and leave the world a better place in memory of your loved one.

How long does it take to process an order and mail the tribute cards?

Your order begins processing the moment you hit ‘submit’ on our checkout page.  Within the next business day, your order will be checked for anything requiring clarification and your tribute card will be produced and placed in the mail.  If clarification is required, we will attempt to contact you that day so we can finishing processing your order as quickly as possible.  Our tribute cards are mailed in a sturdy mailer via USPS First-Class mail usually taking one to three additional days to arrive at their destination.  Alternative shipping options are available at check-out should quicker delivery times be required.  Please see the memorial specific questions below for when each memorial type will be completed.

Are you a non-profit organization and is this a tax deductible donation?

Yes, Afterlife Adventures is a non-profit organization with the objective of improving our world via ‘green’ memorials.  Profits will be donated to the organizations we partner with as described on our partner page on an annual basis.  Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Can I honor my pet with an Afterlife Memorial?

Yes!  We know that our beloved pets are like family members so every tribute we provide is also available for pets.  We provide the same care, quality control, and dignity for pets that we do for your family and friends and because of this, our pricing is the same for pets as it is for people.  Call or write us if you wish to add a pet’s cremains to human cremains so we can make specific arrangements.

How do I ship the cremains of my loved one to you?

The United States Postal Service offers the only legal method of shipping cremated remains domestically or internationally. There are specific requirements for preparing, packaging, and shipping human or animal cremated remains that are explained in The Postal Service’s Publication 139 “How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains” found here.

Please have your cremated remains shipped to:

Afterlife Adventures
800 Brazos St. Suite 140
Austin, TX 78701

By following these requirements, you can be confident that your loved one’s remains will arrive safely at Afterlife Adventures.



Tribute and Memorial Trees

Why plant a tree?

Since ancient times, trees have represented strength, beauty and the magic of life.  When you plant a tree as a tribute to a loved one you’re celebrating the significance of their life and continuing their positive impact to improve our world for generations to come.

Trees provide food, shelter and air.  Most life depends on them.  On average, a typical tree:

  • Renews our air by removing 48 lbs. of carbon dioxide, producing 260 lbs of oxygen and removing 4.3 lbs of air pollutants such as ozone, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides per year
  • Moderates our climate by evaporating water through leaves and providing shade
  • Stabilizes and prevents erosion through its root systems
  • Improves water quality by slowly filtering rainwater.  One large tree can filter 36.500 gallons of water per year.
  • Provides a canopy and habitat for a multitude of life

An Afterlife tree honors the life of a loved one and contributes to the improvement of the world for generations to come.

Are cremains spread or buried near the tree??

It depends on the package purchased…

The Greener Planet Tree Tribute honors a loved one and benefits the world by planting one or more tree seedlings without the involvement of cremains in any way. This is the perfect way for friends and acquaintances to honor a dear friend or for family members to honor a loved one without the need to ship cremains.

The Tree Pod Memorial is the perfect way to plant a memorial tree with or without cremains in the place of your choosing. No cremains need be shipped for this tribute because the Tree Pod Memorial is shipped to you.

The Redwood Memorial Tree Planting includes the spreading of cremains near where the memorial redwood tree seedling is planted. These tree seedlings are planted in the Afterlife Adventures Memorial Park in northern California with the cremains spread at or shortly after the planting.

The Redwood Dedication Tribute includes the spreading of cremains near the dedicated tree in our Afterlife Adventures Memorial Park.

See additional FAQs on how to ship cremains and more tree planting information.

What kind of trees are planted?

Again, it depends on the package purchased…

The Greener Planet Tree Tribute tree seedlings are planted by the U.S. Forestry Service in our National Forests based on the most urgent needs. Forest fires, droughts, insect infestation, and other events will dictate what kind of trees are planted and where. Because needs are constantly changing, it is not possible to select the type of tree planted for the Honorarium package.

The Tree Pod Memorial offers several choices of tree seedlings available for you to plant on your property. Not all trees may be appropriate to your region so please see our planting guide for which trees are best for your consideration.

The Redwood Memorial Tree Planting will plant a redwood tree seedling. The Redwood Dedication Tribute also involves a redwood tree but this dedicates an existing, mature redwood tree to a loved one and does not include the planting of a new redwood tree.

When will my memorial tree be planted?

The very best time to plant trees is during the spring and early summer. Therefore, we organize our plantings to generally take place during this time. We also optimize the planting to take advantage of local conditions so the time may vary from year to year and region to region.

This means there may be a delay between the time of your order and the actual planting. However, your tribute card will be processed as explained above, generally within one business day, and your online memorial will be available immediately.

Where will my memorial tree be planted? Can I visit my tree?

Since the Greener Planet Tree Tribute tree seedlings are planted by the U.S. Forestry Service, they will determine which National Forests and what type of tree to plant based on the most urgent needs. Forest fires, droughts, insect infestation, and other events all influence these decisions and are decided to produce the most good. Because of this, we are unable to pinpoint exactly where Honorarium trees will be planted. However, you can rest assured knowing that an Afterlife Honorarium tree is planted to create the best benefit to our world.

Redwood trees that are planted or dedicated through our Redwood Memorial Tree Planting or Redwood Dedication Tribute respectively, will be planted in the Afterlife Adventures Memorial Park in northern California. Our memorial park is open to public and hosts the Afterlife Memorial Garden further paying tribute to your loved ones.

Who plants the memorial trees?

Our planting partners include the U.S. National Forestry Service and other local organizations focused on conversation and preservation of our forests.

How do I know that my Memorial Tree was planted?

Trees that are planted by the U.S. Forestry Service in National Forests are acknowledged by the Forest Management Office of the U.S. Forestry Service.  Redwood Trees planted in the Afterlife Memorial Park are photographed and the photograph is posted on the online tribute page after planting.

Does my Memorial Tree have any sort of identification on it?

Unfortunately not. All trees planted, regardless of the memorial package, will be planted in locations that will do the most good and offer the greatest chance of survival. Most times these locations will not be near trails so hiking to your tree may be dangerous and damaging to the off trail plants. In addition, our planting partners are non-profit organizations and don’t the resources to individually tag each tree.


Tribute and Memorial Reefs

Why should I consider celebrating the life of a loved one with an Afterlife Coral Reef Memorial?

Our coral reefs are under attack.  Global warming, chemical and physical pollution, physical damage, and over fishing are contributing to the demise of our reefs at unprecedented rates.  For example, in 2016, 90 percent of the Great Barrier Reef was bleached and 20 percent was killed.  This is a world-wide problem.

When you honor a loved one with an Afterlife Coral Reef Memorial you’re contributing to the research needed to  understand and mitigate present dangers leading to the restoration of our reefs.  Afterlife Coral Reef Memorials provide new habitats that serve to conduct research, restore reefs, and protect the marine life that inhabits coral reefs.

Celebrating the life of a loved one with an Afterlife Coral Reef Memorial improves the environment and creates life for the benefit of generations to come.

What is the Coral Reef Memorial? How do these make a reef?

An Afterlife Coral Reef Memorial is a specially designed and patent pending structure made of pH adjusted concrete optionally mixed with cremains. The structure is designed to provide a protective habitat for reef marine life and contains coral planting sites that are populated with live coral plugs. A collection of Coral Reef Memorials piled and hooked together make a reef that is stable and designed to withstand heavy storms and turbulent seas. Once established, an Afterlife Memorial Reef becomes a new marine habitat for coral, fish, and other marine life for generations to come.

How do you create a Coral Reef Memorial?

Cremains are carefully and precisely mixed with the proper amount of concrete and additives to increase strength and then hand poured into a custom mold.  Throughout the curing process, your Coral Reef Memorial is constantly inspected and monitored for the proper moisture levels to guarantee maximum strength.  Once fully cured, your Coral Reef Memorial is added to a Memorial Reef and populated with coral plugs.  Our divers and research partners regularly check on the Memorial Reef to evaluate the state of the reef and further research.

Do you need all of the cremains to make a Coral Reef Memorial?

No.  Send us as much or as little of your loved one’s cremains as you wish and we will precisely mix them with the proper amount of concrete and additives to create a structurally sound Coral Reef Memorial.  Using all the cremains for an average size adult will produce a Coral Reef Memorial approximately 12 inches in diameter.  Because Afterlife Adventures is able to work with any amount of cremains you’re able to provide, we leave you with the opportunity of doing multiple memorials as many families wish.

How long will my Coral Reef Memorial last?

Your Coral Reef Memorial will last generations.  Each Coral Reef Memorial is precisely mixed with just the right amount of cremains, concrete, and additives to produce a structurally strong and stable orb capable of withstanding severe storms and ocean currents.  The Coral Reef Memorial is designed to nest with other Coral Reef Memorial so that as more Coral Reef Memorials are added to a reef, the stronger and more stable the reef becomes.  The base layer of the Memorial Reef is securely anchored to the ocean floor so that it will not move.

Are plaques available for my Coral Reef Memorial?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.  To last, plaques would need to be made from brass which would inhibit the growth of coral.  Since Afterlife Coral Reef Memorial celebrate lives well lived by supporting new life, we feel it’s inappropriate to do anything to impede growth.  GPS coordinates of the Memorial Reef your Memorial Orb is part of are provided.

Where will my Coral Reef Memorial be placed? Can I choose?

The location of our Memorial Reefs are dictated by the scientist and organizations we work with.  We currently have one location available off of the coast of Miami, Florida.  We are actively working to create additional reefs and expect more to be available shortly.  You will be able to choose a reef location after additional locations are available.

Can I visit the Memorial Reef?

Of course!  GPS coordinates are provided for your Memorial Reef.  Our reefs are in shallow water (under 30 feet) and are intentionally designed and placed to be “divable.”  We encourage you to visit your reef at any time.

Do you scatter ashes at the memorial reef?

No.  Cremains are integrated in the structure of the Coral Reef Memorial so that they are permanently part of the Memorial Reef.

Can I place more than one person's cremains in a Coral Reef Memorial?

Yes.  Call or write us so we can make special arrangements to meet your needs.